Pros and cons of independent travel planning

The main advantage of independent travel with is freedom of choice and movement. You are free to choose any airline, any class in flight, any hotel or apartment according to your needs and finances. And you can also change everything at any time, move to another hotel or another city. You are not tied to anything.

But there is a significant disadvantage: in case of force majeure problems you’ll have to deal with everything alone. Cancelled your flight? Contact the airline. Not checked into the hotel? You will have to negotiate with the hotel. And so on.

Another disadvantage of such trips is the high cost. Often just individual airline tickets are more expensive than a package tour to Turkey. For example, round trip tickets Moscow – Antalya on November 14 will cost 35,979 rubles per person. On the same dates on our site you can find a whole tour for the same money.

But of course, having tasted the “taste” of free travel and, many stick to this format. Try it, and you might like it.