Top 10 Websites to Learn French

The most melodic and romantic language in the world is, of course, French! It is one of the six official languages ​​of the UN and UNESCO. French is spoken by about 300 million people all over the world, it is Continue Reading


There are three layers of vocabulary in Japanese – waga, kango and gairaigo. Vago – words from the technical field, as well as commonly used words from japanese to english. The total number of words in this layer is small. Continue Reading

Share of Chinese on the Internet

Does the population of the Internet correspond to the amount of information in a particular language to the number of native speakers of that language? Or some nations, with their apparent small number, are more fruitful in creativity, communication and Continue Reading

English Big Ben

Big Ben is the famous and probably the main attraction of England such as translate russian to english. This is a popular place for tourists. Big Ben is often called the tower itself, which is part of the structure of Continue Reading

Features of translation into Arabic

There is no doubt that the issue of English-Arabic translation and traductor catalan español has been very acute lately. Arab oil and Western technologies are of particular importance. As science progresses, new words are used to denote new concepts, technologies, Continue Reading

Translation agency marketing

A translation bureau is a firm that carries out a translation task at the request of its clients. It is not at all easy to create such an agency; it is even more difficult to advertise it effectively. Marketing is Continue Reading


The Uyghur language and japanese translator is a Turkic language spoken by more than 10 million Uyghurs in northwestern China, in Xinjiang, or, as the indigenous people call their homeland, in East Turkestan. The Uyghur language is also spoken by Continue Reading