How to improve your German by watching movies

Today, people learning foreign languages (for example, German) have a lot of options to improve their language skills and at the same time increase their vocabulary german to english. If you find it difficult to learn the language on your own, then you can take our German courses via Skype, if you want to learn by yourself, use this advice.

One of the most convenient and practical ways is watching movies. On the net you can find not only films in the native language, but also films with subtitles. This way of learning a foreign language is quite effective, because a person has the opportunity to learn all the subtleties of pronunciation, he pays attention to facial expressions and gestures.

By watching a movie in the native language with subtitles, and then without them, you can significantly expand your knowledge base in a short time, the most important thing is to choose high-quality voice acting and a good subtitle translation. However, with the help of some tricks, this method can be significantly improved. This is a separate way, it is as follows:

• To study, you will need not only a film in the original language, with sound and subtitles, but also a notebook, a dictionary, a pen and, more importantly, patience. Why exactly patience? – because you will be trained in the whole picture, and not in a complex, but in parts, you will need to analyze each episode of the picture. At the same time, the duration of such training should not last more than half an hour.
• At the initial stage, you need to choose a scene from the film that interests you. It is better to work through in a natural sequence, so the material will be absorbed faster. The main thing is not to watch the whole movie, because in this case there will be a lot of information, and you will be distracted. It is better to view all the scenes separately, and you can watch the entire movie later.
• Choose the stage – great! Now watch it in full in the native language, without subtitles. Write down all the words and phrases that you could not make out in a notebook.
• Then watch the same scene again, and write down exactly what is happening on the screen.
• Next, watch the same scene, but with a translation, then write down what really happens in this scene and compare with the previously written.
• After the analysis is completed, watch the scene without subtitles and translation for the third time, write down again what is not deposited in your head, phrases and words that you did not understand.
• Look at the scene again, but with subtitles, without including a pause, add these words and phrases to your notebook.
• Next, watch the scene with subtitles, but this time use pauses, add words and phrases to your notebook.
• But after you have watched the scene 5 times in the native language and 1 time in your native language, try to figure out the meaning of words and phrases based on the essence of the scene.
• At the last stage, you need to take a dictionary and independently analyze those words and phrases with which you have problems. By the end of the lesson, you will be surprised at how much you can understand from what happens in the movie without using a dictionary.

This way of learning german to english is very effective, as you focus on new words, facial expressions, gestures, you gradually have a complete understanding of what is happening on the screen.

The most important thing is to study the scenes for no more than half an hour, since short sessions allow the material to be assimilated more qualitatively. At the same time, long sessions do not allow you to delve deeply into the material, you will quickly get tired and scattered. It is better to have three sessions of 20 minutes a week than one hour. Do not be afraid that at the initial viewing you will not be able to understand almost anything, using the method you will be surprised how much your vocabulary will expand.