Why teach foreign languages to a homebody?

By the way, in order to encounter foreigners, you do not have to travel outside our country at all and translate english to french. You don’t even have to leave the house :-). Of course, we are talking about the Internet. There are a huge number of resources aimed at communication between users – social networks, dating sites, all kinds of forums and communities … and besides them – a whole sea of ​​content – films, songs, books, articles.

Meanwhile, the share of Russian-language content on the Internet is approximately 2%! Well, perhaps this is not even the tip of the iceberg. Just think – 98% of the information on the web is inaccessible to you if you only know Russian! Offhand, here are a few examples of the inconveniences you will encounter online without knowledge of foreign languages:

Love to watch movies? Agree, sometimes it is quite tedious to search for the desired version of the translation. And quite often we are faced with a choice – to listen to professional dubbing, “smoothing out” all the piquancy of the original voice acting, or to listen to the “correct”, but one-voiced translation. The most interesting thing is that the impression of the film inevitably suffers in both cases. It’s like looking at a painting through curved glasses.

Interested in modern technology, business, analytics? Then why wait for announcements, articles and documents to be translated or written by Russian-speaking authors when you can get first-hand information? By the way, most of these materials will never be translated urdu to english.

Do you know that you can buy through the Internet with delivery from abroad a lot of interesting things that are extremely rare in Russia or will never appear at all? The most interesting thing is that many goods will cost in this case even cheaper than ours. However, if you only know Russian, then it will be extremely problematic for you to make such purchases.

In fact, this list could go on for a very, very long time. The network is too many-sided to fit all its possibilities within the framework of any enumeration. The main thing here is that for us, the inhabitants of Russia, only 2% of its capabilities are available by default.